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Small Groups

Real Life Training

In Real Life Places

Support Beyond Class Time

More than your Regular Dog Training Class

See below for Details and Dates


Pet Perfect

Next Start Date 7/9

Loose Lead Walking, Counter Surfing solved, Greeting Dogs, Manners with People, Calm when people arrive at the house, How to chill out at a Cafe.

8 Classes 



Rapid Recall

Next Start Date 21/9

Teach your dog to come back when called. First Time. Every Time.

Build the essential foundation skills and understanding to gain a trustworthy best friend.

8 Classes



Trick Training

Next Start Date 14/9

Show off how cool your dog really is. Teach them awesome tricks, build an even stronger bond with you and guaranteed to have a sleepy dog after class!

8 Classes


Got a Question?

I'd love to come to class but I'm not sure I can commit to every week...?

That is totally ok. You Pay for 8 weeks, but can use them within a 3 month block. Dates and Locations are confirmed at booking.

Is there an age limit for dogs?

All dogs can be taught new tricks! No age limit, No breed restrictions.

Puppies need to have had their vaccinations before joining.

Get in touch and let me know all about your dog and what your training goals are for them.

I can't make the start dates above/I missed the start date. Can I still join in?

Absolutely. We try to be as flexible as possible, shoot me an email, lets have a chat.

Where are your classes?

All over! Generally we use a secure dog walking field near Beverley as a base. However it is super important that our dogs get REAL life practise, so our classes are held in those places. In the parks, at the beach, on the moors, in cafes, in towns and cities... You get all the information once you book

My Dog isn't good with other dogs, are we still welcome in class?

Great! I love naughty dogs. We have a Reactive Dog Class just for you and when you're ready you can join in the other classes! Send me an email and tell me all about your dog.

Question not been answered?

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